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  • How to rent your vehicle?

  • Renting a car in Confort Rent a Car is very simple:
    Step 1: Select the city where you want to rent the vehicle.
    Step 2: Indicates the date and time of pickup and return of the vehicle.
    Step 3: Choose the vehicle that best suits your budget.
    Step 4: Choose the extras that most closely match your needs.
    Step 5: Enter your personal data and ends the reservation.
    When removing the vehicle: Go to the address of the branch chosen retirement and introduce yourself to staff Confort Rent a Car and tell it you have a reservation.


  • What do I need to present to remove the vehicle?

  • The main driver is the one who signs the contract and must submit the following documents to its name:
    1. A credit card with high relief with sufficient funds to cover the deposit.
    2. A valid driver's license and valid.
    3. citizenship card, passport or alien identification.
    4. Cash or Credit Card for payment of rent.
    5. The main driver must be at least 21 years old to drive the vehicle.
    If the person who will lead not the owner of the credit card, this will be called Additional Driver and need to have a valid license and driving force.

  • Can I rent a car if I do not have a credit card?

  • No credit card is a prerequisite. Is required to block a security deposit, the end of the deposit is to cover possible fines, theft or damage sustained by the vehicle during the rental and not covered by insurance.

  • What value is the deposit?

  • Confort Rent a Car need a deposit of COP $ 1,600,000 (USD $ 571.00) for cars and COP $ 2,500,000 (USD $ 893.00) for trucks which will be blocked from your credit card at the time of delivery of the vehicle. The deposit will be unlocked 10 working days after the end of the rent, provided the vehicle is returned in same condition was given and not present any traffic violation, formalizes signing two (2) Voucher (damages and subpoenas).

  • How old do I have to rent a car?

  • The minimum age for driving this vehicle is 21 years and maximum age for driver is 70 years. The young driver surcharge applicable for driver age 21 to 24 years is COP $ 10,000 (USD $ 4.00) per day. All restrictions and age-related charges are applicable to all additional drivers.

  • I am a foreigner, I can rent with passport?

  • Yes, you can present your passport instead of the Certificate of Citizenship or immigration.

  • What kind of driving license do I need?

  • When removing the vehicle, both the main driver and additional drivers must present their original permit, valid and in good condition to drive.
    Those drivers who have a driving license with a photograph portion and a paper should present both sides to remove the vehicle.
    No Chinese driver's licenses are accepted, although accompanied by a translation notarial.Deberá present an International Driving Permit if your driving license is not in Roman alphabet.

  • Am I an additional driver, who must submit?

  • You must present Driver's license and identification document. Remember that include one free extra driver. If you want to add additional drivers will have an additional charge of COP $ 10,000 (USD $ 4.00) per day per driver


  • Can I pick up or return the vehicle in a different office?

  • Of course. If you decide to rent a car in one city and return it in a different one, the rental rate will be charged a single journey on account of expenses incurred by having to return the vehicle to the retirement office. You must inform us 48 hours in advance if you want to book a single journey, this service will have an additional cost which will be charged according to the table itself transfers between cities available in the rental office.

  • Can I leave the country with the rental vehicle?

  • For rentals in Colombia it is not permitted to cross the border under any circumstances. The rental car is just to move within the national territory.

  • How is the fuel policy?

  • The fuel policy is full / full: The vehicle will be delivered with a full or partially full tank and you must return with the same amount of fuel with which it was delivered, otherwise must pay the difference to current rates and surcharge refueling administrative office for rent in accordance with the fuel table itself.

  • How is the policy Mileage?

  • If you request the vehicle 3 or more days mileage is free, otherwise you will have 250 kilometers per day and each additional kilometer will cost COP $ 1,000 (USD $ 0.40) for car and COP $ 1,500 (USD $ 0.75) for pickup. For income per month is limited to 3,000 kilómetros.Modificar the length of rental or leased vehicle change could affect the number of kilometers you can go free. In addition, it could also change the price for each additional kilometer.

  • How is the cleaning policy?

  • The vehicle will be delivered clean internally and externally and you must return it in the same condition as it was delivered, otherwise must pay the backwash current rates. The value of the car wash is COP $ 25,000 (USD $ 9.00) and Van COP $ 30,000 (USD $ 12.00)
    You can also hire the prewash in the rental office for COP $ 20,000 (USD $ 7.00) for COP $ 25,000 Car and (USD $ 10.00) for trucks.
    No smoking is allowed inside the vehicle or transporting pets without proper protection cojinería otherwise should bear the costs of deodorizing COP $ 145,000 will be (USD $ 48.00).

  • Who should pay for tolls and parking?

  • The main driver is solely responsible for the payment of tolls and parking.

  • What if I get a ticket for the rent?

  • The main driver will be responsible for any fines incurred during the rental. It is also important to inform the rentadora the existence of a fine before the end of the rental.
    If applicable additional charges, such as fines for speeding, a representative of Confort Rent a Car will try to contact you to report charges that might arise. Such a process could take months after rent and will pay the administrative fee imposed by the company in addition to the original amount of the penalty.


  • What is the deductible and who should it cover?

  • The deductible is the percentage corresponding to that not covered by insurance coverage when the partial sum is taken. The main driver is the one who must answer for damage to the vehicle that are not covered by insurance when you take partial coverage

  • Where I can find more information about insurance and protections for rent?

  • You can find all the information related to security in the Terms and Conditions, in www.confortrentacar.com

  • What insurance and coverage includes my rent?

  • Hedges shall be valid only if fulfilled the terms of the rental agreement and these Terms and Conditions. Rental policy will cover up to 80% in case of theft or total loss. For partial losses if the damages exceed 10 (SMMLV) minimum wage you are responsible for 20% of the market value of the vehicle. If, however, the damage does not exceed 10 (SMMLV) minimum wage you will be responsible for the deductible / excess corresponding to 2 (SMMLV) minimum wages. These coverages protect all licensed drivers registered in the rental agreement:
    Partial coverage collision (CDW)
    coverage in case of theft (TP)
    Liability (TPL)
    Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)
    Roadside Assistance Coverage (RNS)

  • What is not covered partial coverage?

  • Partial coverage is a type of coverage for rental vehicles. This reduces the responsibility of the principal driver and additional drivers in the event of damage to the vehicle. Hedges exclude windshield, glass, tires, low, inside the vehicle, personal belongings, towing charges and charges for immobilization (while the vehicle is being repaired), and any additional service contracted locally, such as seats children, GPS and mobile devices. Please note that your coverage will not cover damage caused to the vehicle in circumstances such as negligence, errors refueling, use of unpaved roads, misuse of the vehicle or breach of the terms of the lease (for example, if you drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs).

  • What story coverage in case of theft?

  • This reduces the responsibility of the principal driver and additional drivers in the event of theft. Thanks to partial coverage in case of theft, the entire value of the vehicle will not be charged. However, the driver must pay a deductible corresponding to the sum of the percentage not covered by insurance.

  • What are the reasons why I lose coverage?

  • The following are the reasons why you lose the coverage contracted and therefore you should bear the costs and expenses in full.
    All that is caused by misuse such as, damage by high-revving engine, gearbox damage, omission alerts for witnesses or audible alarms.
    For intentional damage or negligence, reckless driving.
    Driving under the influence of narcotics, alcohol or drugs.
    Transporting flammable, toxic or hazardous substances.
    Car Racing drivers or test.
    Use towing another vehicle.
    Use on unpaved roads, flooded roads or trails.
    Use of passenger and utility vehicle.
    loss or damage by an unauthorized driver.

  • What should I do in case of an accident?

  • In case of accident the first thing to do is stay calm and communicate with the phone 3214153291. 24h assistance is equally important to know that you have a rental policy. The next step esllamar to the traffic police and try to collect all possible evidence such as photos, drawings, information involved, the company will inform you about what to do next.

  • What if the vehicle is faulty during the rental?

  • In case of mechanical failure of the vehicle first thing you should do is contact the 24-hour Assistance Telephone 3214153291 andthe company will inform you about what to do next.


  • Should I pay a surcharge if someone else is driving?

  • No, remember that rates include one free extra driver, however, if you want to add additional drivers will have to cancel the value corresponding to COP $ 10,000 (USD $ 4.00) per day per driver.

  • How do I add a baby chair rental service?

  • In step 4, you will appear additional service options, within which is Bebé.Solo chair you need to click the option and the value will be automatically added to the summary of the reservation.

  • How do I add a GPS (browser) to rent?

  • In step 4, you will appear additional service options, within which GPS is. You only need to click the option and the value will be automatically added to the summary of the reservation.


  • What payment methods can I use?

  • You can pay the rent with cash or credit card. Credit cards accepted: American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Diners Clubs

  • How do I pay the rent?

  • We have 3 types of payment:
    1. Partial payment where you can make a payment of 30% of the value of service.
    2. Advance payment of the service.
    3. Payment on arrival when picking up the vehicle.

    Please note that the rates on this website have already applied a discount for cash payment for other means of payment will apply the full rate

  • When will I be receiving rental service bill?

  • You send your bill to your email within 5 business days after the payment.

  • What currency will I pay for my rent?

  • Rates are shown in Colombian pesos. If you are renting a vehicle from another country, the actual rate you pay is calculated by converting the dollar amount (UEA) to the local currency with an exchange rate established by Confort Rent a Car. Since conversion rates may differ it is possible that the total final value in US dollars credit card is higher than the rate in US dollars estimated in this website.
    Rates are subject to change Confort Rent a Car and reserves the right to change without notice. All additional services are subject to local taxes and sales taxes.


  • Can I change vehicle? Or rental dates?

  • Yes. You can make changes to the reservation at no cost with 24 hours in advance. Changes you could make will be by time, date or place and subject to staff availability. Modifications made by vehicle subject to the availability of the fleet.
    Note that changes you make to your reservacon less than 24 hours after the start or advance your lease will have a surcharge of 20% of the contracted value on the vehicle, this will be settled according to the tariff fully established.
    Remember that any modification could generate extra surcharges, schedule change, for change of place of delivery or refund, by the range of the vehicle or the number of kilometers available.

  • How I can cancel my reservation?

  • You may immediately canceled the reservation at no cost, with an advance of 24 hours in case of not taking income, under no circumstances will refund the money paid or credited, you may contact us by telephone or by writing to the following mail: reservas@confortrentacar.com

  • What is the cancellation policy?

  • 1. If canceled 24 or more hours before the start of the rent, the money paid to the reservation will be available for use on a future booking valid for one year from the date of termination of service.
    2. Failure to introduce you to collect your vehicle at the date and time indicated or not having the necessary documentation or not be eligible to take the rental service or not having a credit card with sufficient funds; the value of a day vehicle rental contract and the remaining money will be available for use on a future booking valid for one year from the date of cancellation of the service will be deducted.

  • Can I change my hours of collection and return?

  • If possible, you can communicate via WhatsApp the number 57-3219002410 or 57-3214153291 hotline where you can request a change in the hours before the rental. Note that changing times can affect the total amount payable and the rental conditions.

  • What if my flight is delayed or canceled?

  • Remember that we can not be responsible in case of any problems with your flight and this deter you from picking up the vehicle. In that case, we recommend you to contact us at phone number 57-3219002410 or 57-3214153291 or mail reservas@confortrentacar.com to modify your reservation. If you arrive later than the scheduled delivery time on booking well in advance or to return the vehicle at the airport, you must bear the full cost of parking by the time the vehicle remained the same.

  • Can I remove the vehicle before the start time?

  • You must contact us in advance so we can have you an answer. Note that changing times can affect the total amount payable and the rental conditions.

  • Can I return back last time the vehicle?

  • You must contact us in advance so we can have you an answer. Bear in mind that the rental day is 24 hours, if the vehicle return time is later than the time at which it was delivered, he must pay the number of additional hours. The maximum hours you can pay at the rental office shall be three (3) hours and will incur a penalty of 20% of the daily value of the rent for each additional hour. From the fourth (4) time to pay the full day at rates established by Confort Rent a Car.


  • How I can avoid additional charges when returning the vehicle?

  • You must return the vehicle within the stipulated time and date, full fuel, clean and no new damage or scratches. Not having smoked in the vehicle or have pets transported without proper protection cojinería, otherwise it must bear the costs of deodorization.

  • What should I do when I deliver the vehicle?

  • Check the vehicle from all angles outside as inside. Check that all lights and turn signals of the vehicle. If you find any damage or rayon please remain explicit in why Make sure the vehicle inventory. We recommend taking pictures to make sure the initial condition of the vehicle.
    also asked what kind of fuel to use the vehicle if diesel or gasoline and be sure to check the fuel level to deliver it.

  • When should I pick up the rental car?

  • We recommend you pick up the vehicle at the time indicated on the reservation, otherwise your vehicle could not estardisponible.